Activity of the Content Foundation

Healthcare is one of the key areas of activity of the Content Foundation for the Development of Expert and Analytical Activities.

The intellectual partner of the Healthy Life Forum is the Content Foundation.

The Content Foundation's events serve as platforms for dialogue between government officials, business authorities and the expert community in order to jointly find practical solutions to key health issues. The main activities in the healthcare sector include conducting events, undertaking research and analysis, as well as cooperating with public, scientific and other field-specific organizations in order to improve healthcare system in Russia.

The Co-gnititon project was launched within the framework of the educational track. It is a platform for open and constructive cooperation between the education system and its beneficiaries, in order to construct an innovative educational model that meets the needs of the modern world.

The main principle of the Co-gnititon project is to involve all parties concerned in the process of modernizing education: teachers, students, parents, representatives of educational authorities and associations, the expert community, business authorities, in order to exchange opinions, identify problematic areas, to make an up-to-date urgent request and jointly search for solutions to ensure that the educational process corresponds to a successful school of the future, focused on the key competencies of the XXI century.




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