About the Foundation


- uniting resources to promote socially important projects in the Russian Federation and abroad, developing a platform for implementing educational programs and projects to promote sustainable social development of the Russian Federation.


The Content Foundation was created with the goal of helping to develop framework of Russia’s healthy society and social sustainability.


Platform for the implementation of educational programmes and projects

Expert and analytical activitiy aimed to highlight challenges of the Russian and global social agendas

Conducting online events, including those with international participation

Organization of Russian and international congresses, exhibitions and other events in the field of tourism, culture, education and healthcare

Promotion of socially significant projects in the Russian Federation and abroad

Expert and analytical activity

In order to facilitate the implementation of state policy goals, national and federal projects,
expert councils have been formed on the basis of the Content Foundation, which includes representatives of state organizations, the expert and scientific community

Information and analitycal event support
Collaboration with both national organizations and research centers
Preparation of analitycal materials withon the framework of a built-in cross-cutting agenda
Research in key areas
Search and development of practical solutions for the implementation of national projects
Proposals development for modernizations of legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of sotial development

Event management

Creation of the event concept
Filling a business programme with unique content
Analytical support
Analytical support
Event venue management
Invitation of leading experts of business community

Modus operandi

Opportunity for leading experts to participate in Foundation’s work
Availability of relevant information and the possibility of its use
Engaging involved parties in the discussion
Development of practical proposals based on the events’ results