The Content Foundation is implementing the COgnition project as of its focus on education.

COgnition is an interactive collaborative environment that is optimized to help create knowledge through interaction among all parties: teachers, parents, children and future employers.

In order to involve public and business associations and representatives of employers in decision-making on issues concerning the management of an educational organization’s development, the project has created a discussion platform where representatives of companies and educational institutions discuss the most pressing issues of education in a direct dialogue and determine the format of cooperation and further collaboration.

The main goal is to create conditions to involve people in the process of education and communication with each other in order to exchange knowledge and find new solutions. In the modern world, people have access to a huge amount of information, but interaction with one another is precisely what allows us to achieve results. COgnition is a discussion platform that helps determine the most effective methods for the development of the young generation and ensure that they have a successful future.