The future of health tourism in Russia: new opportunities and trends

6 August, 15:00

Given that the pandemic has had such an adverse effect on public health, preventive and rehabilitative medicine is set to be more topical than ever before. With that in mind, wellness and health tourism could drive the recovery of the tourism sector in Russia and become a key tourism trend in the post-lockdown period. According to expert predictions, wellness tourism is mainly a hit among young and active people who – market analysts say – will likely help reposition the sector, drive demand for new products and carve out new niches in the market. Considering the travel bans resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the topic of domestic tourism in Russia has taken on a new significance. In the short term, the pandemic has forced the country to mobilize its healthcare system resources, essentially making medical care more accessible and speeding up a substantial amount of decision-making processes, meaning that the health tourism sector could ultimately reach a whole new level in the very near future.

Questions for discussion:

  • What measures need to be taken to develop health tourism in Russia?

  • What incentives are there to attract investors to this sector?

  • Which national tourist destinations are expected to be developed primarily?

  • What post-COVID tourism programmes and trends in Russia are set to be the most popular?