The III All-Russian Forum 0n Public Health

Address: Venue: Skolkovo Moscow School of Management

The All-Russian Forum on Public Health has been organized by the Russian Ministry of Health since 2017 and brings together the heads of Russian regions, regional healthcare ministries as well as regional state and public structures. That year the Forum focused on topical issues concerning the implementation of public health objectives through interdepartmental and interdisciplinary collaboration by medical, cultural, educational, and sports institutions. The programme architecture included more than 40 panel discussions, roundtables, pitch sessions as well as sporting and cultural events.

The Healthy Life area was presented during the 3rd All-Russian Forum on Public Health in its traditional format as a platform for the discussion of some of the most pressing issues in the healthcare sector. The key themes of the Healthy Life space’s business programme included: the vaccination of the population, the health of infants and schoolchildren, healthcare in the regions, and the fight against cancer.

Representatives of the Russian Ministry of Health, the federal and regional authorities, medical communities, unions, and associations as well as key industry experts took part in the business programme of the Healthy Life area.