Innovations are going to school

Круглый стол

The innovations introduction in educational institutions is actively gaining momentum. This topic becomes more popular. Such innovations include both technological and social transformations. Today IT and AI technologies largely affect education and modern society culture. Nowadays school is a single platform, uniting different children, teachers and parents generations. How may people find a common language and learn to listen, hear and understand each other? What do future educators need to teach today? How to prepare children for the professions of the future? What role does the school play in forming values ​​of the new generation? What formats of teaching are most relevant for the education of a motivated person, participating in the school and society life?

Points to be discussed:

• IT and AI technologies vs school: how to increase the interaction effectiveness between pupils, teachers and parents?

• New teachers generation: what, whom and how to teach future teachers?

• Games, actively played by the children today. What role do schools and teachers play in establishing a communication system between children?

• «Children and parents»: dialogue on an equal footing.

• Social networks: either participate or control?

Moderators: Sergey Gil, «Career in Russia» Projects Group Scientific Director, «Intellectual Alliance» All-Union Scientific Educational Foundation President

Alexander Laryanovsky, Skyeng Managing Partner