Non-child talk – we know what we want!


All the students invited told about their needs and requirements within the modern society as well as consider own role in socially significant changes within the current discussion. Besides they discussed new open communications platform creation. Such a platform is intended to become a popular and effective platform for children to exchange their visions with each other and adults on topics, vital for both themselves and for their native region and the country as a whole. This platform should provide them with a great chance to implement their own ideas, related to positive social changes.

Discussed points:

• How will look open communication platform for 12-13 years old students?

• What, how and with whom do children want to discuss issues that concern them?

• What is pupils’ role in the Forum preparation for their peers?

• Whether pupils are ready to become their regions ambassadors?

Moderators: Andrey Fursenko, Assistant to the Russian Federation President; Elena Sokolova, director of The Content Foundation for the Development of Expert and Analytical Activities.