Forum 12+ and Teacher Pre-forum


The interaction with schoolchildren took place in «Business game» format at 12-13 years old generation pre-forum. Professional facilitator trainers team helped children to unleash their leadership potential, improve their strengths and become dialogue moderators and drivers with adults throughout the day. The creative finale of the children's track, in which the children in the format of a design workshop designed their personal suitcases, where they demonstrated their own interests and outlooks on life in design workshop format, recorded the emotionally important result of the day - filled with new meanings and feelings, they finally prepared for a dialogue with adults.

The teachers pre-forum was organized in the project session format with public discussions of key topics in pedagogy and education: how to help teenagers reach their potential and how to support teachers in their motivation and effective assistant status. Teachers from different country regions managed to do both - to exchange their own understanding of the way they represent today's schoolchildren generation as well as to discuss key ideas on which a productive partnership between a teacher and a child can be built. It was agreed that the teacher’s competence itself today is largely devoid of a foundation in the humanistic psychological, pedagogical and philosophical thinking form, which would allow building supportive, rather than instructive and paternalistic relationships with children.