Diabetes: The Role of Public Awareness in Prevention and Treatment

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The Russian Federation is one of the five countries in the world in terms of the patients number, suffering from diabetes, according to the WHO global diabetes report. The patients’ number with diabetes has increased by 23% over five years in the Russian Federation, according to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Diabetes asymptomatic course is the main issue in the fight against this disease. Every 4th Russian citizen either risk to be affected by diabetes or have already been sick with it. Unfortunately, about 50% of patients meet with too late diagnosis and irreversible complications. The state diabetes prevention strategy should be based on informing the public about the need for early preventive measures, screening when the first alarm signals appear.

Discussed points:

• How to raise public awareness of measures to reduce the risks of diabetes?

• What events and projects will reduce complications and increase the patients’ life expectancy with diabetes?

• What preventive actions are required to reverse the growing trend in diabetes among children and adolescents?

The event was supported by the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Russian Association for the Promotion of Science (RASN).